tides change.

Oh man.  It's that time of year again.

I find that many moms fall in one of these two camps:

  2. I might die with my kiddos home this summer!!

And guess what I'm here to tell you, even if you fall into number 2, like I do, YOU ARE STILL A GOOD MOM.  YOU STILL LOVE YOUR KIDS.  YOU STILL LOVE SUMMER.  You most likely just do not enjoy the change of the tides.

Each year I find myself mourning school being over.  Not because my kiddo is going into the next grade and becoming a little person more & more each year.  I'm mourning because of the challenges around the corner. The ones I cannot predict. I'm mourning for the loss of the schedule and structure that school provides because SOHELPMEGOD I try really hard to create structure every summer and still #fail every year.  I'm mourning because that bickering and poking and jabbing that my kids do for the 90 minutes each morning will now be x10 and I'm not sure how I'll ever connect a single stream of thoughts in my brain that make sense or GET CRAP DONE.

I actually am pretty jealous of the moms in the number 1 category.  I actually long to feel that bubbling excitement to GET TO be with them more and GET TO do special things and GET TO have a looser schedule. I really do.  Because I do WANT those things but our unique challenges in our home limits this enjoyment SEVERELY.

So I guess part of my mourning, is mourning NOT BEING NORMAL.

I'm smart enough to know and understand that there is NO NORMAL.  That everyone, even the Pollyanna's of the world, have frustrating days, meltdowns at the Strawberry Patch and mind numbing kid squabbles.  

So as we entered that last four days of school this week I feel that familiar feeling I like to call "hopeful dread."  I AM hopeful.  I've said it before, "I'm a sunny side up kind of person" so I never ever give up hope. But there is always that "realistic dread" I feel too.

Sadly, one of the kids said "You don't want us home for summer."  I said ... "Quite the opposite, I DO want you home & I DO want to have fun and I DO want to be with you...I just don't like what comes with it!  Boredom, complaining, pestering one another, fighting/yelling/jockeying for position."  I went on to say "I love each of you and WANT to have fun but all together, sometimes it's pretty miserable."

As the tide changes again I'm going to focus on a few of the fun moments we have ahead ... less lunches to pack (why is that such a chore?), a looser time schedule and no TRUE rush in the mornings, more relaxed evenings enjoying the warm weather, some fun travel plans/camps/adventures we have in store and family visits.

History tells me that every single year I dread it and every single year I survive.  And sometimes, I even like it. ;)

Tell me, are you a number ONE mom or a number TWO mom?  Perhaps all of us are just a little of BOTH! Leave a comment and let me know what kind of mom you are and your FAVORITE TIP for beating summer boredom!! GO!