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Real. Honest. Fun.

That's what you'll get with me.  I've been photographing families for 10 years!  I have my own brood of children who are crazy, wild, naughty, rambunctious, spirited, beautiful and wonderful.  I bring that combined experience (photography + parenting) to each and every session.  It's NOT uncommon to find me rolling on the ground to get the shot or showing off my REALLY AWESOME monkey jumping skills!  The VERY most important thing to me is CONNECTING WITH YOUR CHILDREN.  As a parent, I know when my kids are engaged (even about something as seemingly B.O.R.I.N.G. as family photos!) connecting with them can truly seal the deal.

I have taken courses, studied my trade, participated in photography forums, been featured on Blogs for my work and so forth.  But what I really think you should know is that I LOVE families.  And I LOVE LOVE.  Families that are IN LOVE and not afraid to show it (by that I mean touch, hug, love and EXPRESS emotions!) ... well, YOU and I can make beautiful portraits together.  Ones that you will hang on your wall for a decade and still love.  That is my goal.

I am also passionate about photographing High School Seniors.  I have THE BEST memories from High School and enjoy this facet of my business.  Photographing Seniors gives me the opportunity to dive in a be young again.  A kid on the cusp of BIG CHANGE with BIG DREAMS and a FULL LIFE unfolding right in front of them.  Bring me the dreamers and artists.  The sports enthusiast and the cheerleader.  Or perhaps the drama king and chess club president.  I love you all.  I love your story and I want to share it.  These sessions are personal, intimate and of course, FUN.

I love and live in Prior Lake, Minnesota with my family.  Together we enjoy being outside, family vacations to the lake & ocean, playing outside until sunset, boating, sledding and everything in between.  I am ALWAYS up for an adventure and like to live life to its fullest, valuing each and every moment.  I travel frequently to Kansas City (where I'm from!) and work there three weeks out of each year!  You can also find me blogging almost daily on my personal blog at  If you want to read a REAL account of "mom life" ... follow along!